Hi everyone,

great that you are here and checking out the Courage to Create publication.

What is it about?

It is about the

Courage to Create!

Of course ;)

But what does it mean? What does the Courage to Create stand for?


Years ago I read a book by Rollo May titled the “Courage to Create” and I loved it.

But at times it felt heavy, very psychosomatic, almost melodramatic.

I always felt I have to somehow change myself to be creative and develop courage.

Until one day,

or in fact, many days,

I realized - the courage to create is the intentional act of just being.

It is a beautiful, fun, happy journey, full of charm and curiosity, creativity and wit.

When we allow ourselves to be creative and allow ourselves to be courageous,

then courage feels light,

and anxiety feels exciting.

Then we go from

“I just stay in bed today. I don’t want to get up.” to “Oh, I am excited for the day to start and all that I will learn”

Then we go from

“I don’t feel any motivation. I watch TV instead or scroll my phone for cool things others do” to “Let me conquer my fear and do some fun things that are kind of scary, but I would love to learn and I’m sure it will be interesting :D“

And then we go from

“I want to create that business, write that book, offer that coaching, but I can’t do that now, I have so many other priorities” to “Let me see where I find some time, and how I can find a fun way to test it out anyways”

We go from all the things we do, say and act to not having to go through the unpleasant feeling of courage, fear and anxiety to realizing, oh, that can actually be fun being curious, courageous and creative. To try out new things, to fall and get rejected 10-thousand-times and still loving it :D

We then realize that life is too short to just simmer in our bedrooms, crying in our bedsheets and staring onto our cubicles.

No, life is there to be lived. And even though that is damn scary and damn frightning, it is full of failures and things that can go wrong, it is just too damn sad to see so many of us sitting, staring, crying and simmering because of the strategies that we learned to follow that uninspiring and unhappy life that let us to die within ourselves long before we will also be gone physically.

I really don’t like it. I had been in that place. Shy, invisible, pleasing everyone else despite me, following all those things others told me to do instead of creating the courage to create and do the things that bring me into my energy, and my best self.

It took me many years and I still learn every single day to peel the onion layers one by one and by another one to get to the pure, genuine, raw me. The me that simply is. The me that simply thrives, creates, experiments, plays, has fun and is calm within to tackle all the shocks that are coming towards her each day. To value anxiety for excitement and fear for support.

And the more I pealed the onion, the more I find that inner me. That person that I am. And that person that can simply be and out of that simple being creates with lightness, sparks with energy, learns with grace and experiments with play.

It is a journey full with stumbling stones, of backs and forths, of focus and distraction, of chaos and intention. But it is a beautiful journey.

And I want to take you with me on that journey.

Wherever you are on that special journey, I invite you to follow along with mine. And to share yours. And to grow together. Play together. Try out together. Fail together. Get rejected 10-thousand times together. And succeed together.

Hop on and let’s have the courage to create something beautiful together! :)

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